I am an Assistant Professor in the Department of Geography and Geology at Sam Houston State University in Huntsville, Texas.  I was awarded a Fulbright Scholar Grant to spend the spring 2010 semester in the Department of Geography at the University of Primorska in Koper, Slovenia (see maps below).  We’re encouraged to blog about the experiences that we have as Fulbrights; I haven’t quite come to terms with the idea of blogging yet, and fully expect only 3 people to read my blog (you know who you are), so we’ll have to see how this goes…

Location of Slovenia (from The World Factbook, 2010)

Map of Slovenia (from The World Factbook, 2010)

Disclaimer: “This site (Velvet’s Fulbright Blog, https://velvetnelson.wordpress.com) is not an official Fulbright Program site.  The views expressed on this site are entirely those of its author and do not represent the views of the Fulbright Program, the U.S. Department of State or any of its partner organizations.”


9 Responses to “About”

  1. Patricia Burnette said

    This is going to be very interesting Velvet to follow your trip and read your thoughts. So add me to your list of people reading your blog!

  2. Nancy Shumaker said

    Thanks for adding the map as I was trying to locate exactly where you were in my Atlas only to find it was just US, Mexico, & Canada.

    What exactly do the pictures stand for on your washing machine?

    • You really need a new atlas!

      The cotton flower and sheep are easy – cottons and wools. The test tube would be synthetics. And my personal favorite, the butterfly: delicates!

      • Prince Nugent von Westmeathh said

        I really enjoyed your blog. I noticed that you visited Trsat castle, which remained one of our families homes until the end of the second world war. The huge bronze sculpture that you thought was a dragon, is in fact a cockatrice or basilisk (either is correct) holding a fieldmarshal’s baton and is one of the supporters of my coat of arms. As you can gather my great great grandfather who erected it did not believe in hiding his light under a bushel!
        On your next visit to Croatia, you must visit Bosiljevo castle, derelict since the 1980s, but still very beautiful in its foothill setting. It is one of our other former castles. I am hoping to re-purchase it and restore it within the next two years.
        Kind regards, Ashton Nugent von Westmeath.

      • Thank you for the information. One of the casualties of not being able to read the language when traveling in a country is that you end up making a lot of guesses about what things are. I would be interested to hear the significance of the cockatrice/basilisk.

  3. Jason Fisher said

    I was told that I can get an automatic update to your posts rather than intermittently checking back. Let’s see if this works!

  4. Betty Cocklin said

    I hope this works, Velvet! I’ve been depressed without your blog (gives you an idea of the excitement level in my life, eh?).

    Did I miss one? Must check the archives, I guess.

  5. Really great area to spend holiday’s.
    nice pictures.

    i’ve been 2x there in the region Tolmin (triglev national park)
    and are also totally hypnotised.

    Greetings from the Netherlands.
    C.B.van Viersen
    Alkmaar (town)

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