May 28, 2010

Koper from the Faculty of Humantities and Social Sciences

I had my last lab on Monday and my last lecture yesterday.  Interestingly, the entire month of June is designated as the exam period.  I was told to set 2 times during the month that students could “sit” for the exam for my class.  When I told the students here that my students in Texas have to take all of their exams during a 4-day period, they were appalled.  They asked how they could possibly study for all of their exams during that time.  It was then that I found out these students are not familiar with the word “cram”…  In all fairness, though, the final exams here have more weight, accounting for between 50 and 100% of their total grade.

Also this week, Lisa was finally able to make the trip down to Koper from Ljubljana.  We had been having trouble coordinating our schedules for the last six weeks or so, which I think turned out to be a good thing.  After teasing us with occasional hints of spring for the last 2 months – like last week’s trip to Venice, which was followed by a couple more days of cool, rainy weather – I think we may end up just skipping the season altogether.  Starting last weekend, the weather turned beautiful – perfectly sunny and about 24 degrees (mid-70s) – so we had a great afternoon for a visit.  We met up with Ted, who was a Fulbright in Koper last year and came back a couple of weeks ago to teach a summer term course here, and between the two of us, I think Lisa caught most of the city’s sights.

My only complaint now is that the city has closed down the pedestrian/bike path along the Gulf of Capodistria.  I have walked that way almost every day since I got here.  Except during the bora.  Why couldn’t they have done their construction then?!

Construction on the Gulf.


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