May 22, 2010

I’ve been rather boring lately.  Somehow I ended up with several things that all really needed to get done, including writing a book chapter, revising a journal article, putting together a proposal, and preparing a presentation.  So I’ve been spending a lot of time hard at work on my laptop.  Sometimes while sitting at a kavarna on the waterfront.  That’s actually not really done in Koper – kavarnas are social places – but it seems a shame to be holed up inside just because I have work to do.

The kavarna below my flat.

Last week I did get out for a day – I went back to Venice with my friends Dolores and Daniella.  After several days of gloom and rain, we had a gloriously sunny day.  That in itself made me like Venice a little more than I did last time, when it was miserably cold.

Ponte dell'Accademia

We’re actually starting to get tourists in Koper now, as well.  I had been told that we get cruise ships here, but I have to admit that Koper hasn’t really seemed like my idea of a typical cruise ship destination with its working container port and sleepy town.  When I am a tourist, I am normally conscious of how conspicuous I am.  From the other side of things, I have to admit that I’ve been amused by exactly how easy it is to spot the tourists – and it’s not just the obvious tells like maps and cameras.

Luka Koper - no cruise ships today.


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