February 23, 2010

Today I was back in Portorož.  Right bus, right stop this time.   However, since I wasn’t meeting Anton, I had to walk the hill up to the campus.  See the green building way up there?  Yeah, that’s it.

EMUNI from the bus stop

At least it had finally stopped raining by then.  It was still foggy though.  The view was marginally better, but I think I’m going to have to take their word that you can actually see Venice from there.

View of the Adriatic from EMUNI

I gave a presentation/participated as a panelist in a “roundtable” session on the challenges of tourism in the Mediterranean.  Of course, I’m not exactly an expert in this area.  But, tourism is an international industry, and many of the “challenges” are the same wherever you are.  The other panelists were from Slovenia (one tourism faculty and one a geographer), Italy and Tunisia.

Walking down the hill (in the dark) was possibly worse than going up – it was so steep it made my knees hurt.  (But, considering my last MRI, that’s not too surprising.)  About halfway down, I could see the 19:04 bus at the stop.  Bummer.  The next bus?  20:04.  So I hiked back in to town and hit up a sleepy little kava/bar (sleepy, given that it’s a tourist town and it’s WINTER).  I had a Union while I waited – a Slovenian pivo – and watched some Olympic skiing event complete with commentary in Slovene.  (They talk really fast whenever one of the Slovenian athletes are competing.)

And for Jason, who never ceases to be amazed by the miracle that is the “party pan”, I made French toast in it tonight after I got home.


2 Responses to “”

  1. Patricia Burnette said

    Are you going to be teaching in Portoroz?

  2. No, that was just an invited presentation. I will be teaching here in Koper.

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