February 19, 2010

Each of the last 2 mornings I took the bus to Portorož (actually, yesterday I missed my bus stop in Portorož, and today I missed my bus in Koper, but that’s beside the point) to attend a couple of lectures Anton gave on geography and tourism at the Euro-Mediterranean University (EMUNI).  The way I understand it is that this is primarily a virtual university (headquartered in Slovenia) in which students are required to spend certain times of the year attending lectures at a physical location.  The majority of students were from Italy but also Croatia, Albania, Syria, Egypt, Tunisia, and Morocco.  It was interesting for me since I also teach a tourism geography course but am not particularly familiar with the circumstances of tourism in the Mediterranean.  Sorry foodies, but we ate lunch in the cafeteria both days so nothing to report (except that I’m not entirely sure what I ate today…).

Portorož is a bit of a resort town south of Koper near the Croatian border.  The university sits on top of the hill above the town overlooking the Adriatic.  I’m told that, on a clear day, you can see all the way to Venice.  Too bad it was foggy and raining, and I couldn’t see much of anything.  At least today I could see Croatia.

Resorts in Portorož. Obviously I did not take this picture today! (It was 2 weeks ago when I went to Piran.)

It has been getting a bit warmer, but the wind and rain have been pretty miserable.  The water level in the gulf is really high right now, and it’s still pouring.  The wind pretty much makes umbrellas useless, and it was so strong that it literally almost knocked me off my feet when I was walking back from the market.  And that’s despite the fact that I was loaded up with a bottle of water, a bottle of Slovene wine, and a loaf of pekarna bread!


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  1. amber said

    yum. Wine and bread. sounds perfect!

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