February 15, 2010

So, here’s a bit of progress: I now have a set of keys to the kabinet, which means I can come and go on my own schedule.  Also, my authentication for the university’s wifi system finally came through so I can access the internet while I’m in the kabinet.  But, actually, that’s still not working.  It’s a long story that involves needing to be online to download an application to be able to enter the authentication to be able to access the wifi – and until you can access the wifi you can’t get online to download the application…  Miha and I actually found a way around that little problem, but then we didn’t successfully make it through a very long list of setup instructions (obviously in Slovene).  Baby steps, I guess.

I’m also starting to get some more information on my class.  Seems there is a separate lecture and “lab” for activities and projects.  I would normally do both together, so I’m going to need to go through and do some reorganizing.  I was told I would have a graduate assistant to help me with the  general logistics of working here (e.g. Where’s my classroom?) as well as with class work, such as translating my PowerPoint lectures into Slovene.  Seems now that, while I’m going to have an assistant on paper/in theory, I’m not…really going to have one.  It’s complicated, and I’m going to leave it at that.  (Darn.  Never had an assistant before.)  Needless to say, I’m not going to be the one translating the PowerPoints.

Anton – my host – is back from holiday now.  He took Miha, Simon – another grad student – and I to lunch at what they tell me is the best pizzeria in town.  For you foodies, they recommended I try the “Istrian” (apparently the local specialty) which was made up of mozzarella, prosciutto, olives and mushrooms.

Then, when I went to pay my rent this evening, my landlady invited me in for a slice of her birthday cake – a layered cream cake with a hint of fruit and a thick chocolate frosting – that was made by her 84-year old mother-in-law and a glass of the Coca-Cola that her daughter had requested because it was a special day.  So yes, if you’re keeping track, I ate pizza for lunch and birthday cake for dinner.


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  1. aunt millie kieselbach said

    Hi Velvet..your Aunt Millie here…enjoying your blogs..not sure how the number system works as they are not sequential..often several numbers are skipped..?? omitted..?? Also, do not understand the language..i.e. “kabinet” “wifi” etc. Just shows you the degree of ignorance I have about computers..or whatever those things are?? Do enjoy the food comments..guess that IS my level !!

    love to you…

    • The numbers are generated automatically, so I have no idea why they are what they are?

      Kabinet – that’s what they call their offices. I was mistakenly calling it a closet for a while! Wifi – that’s so I can access the internet from my laptop in the “kabinet”. There are 2 computers with networked internet access in the kabinet, but since it’s shared space, I won’t always have access to them. Besides, the keys on their computers are in weird places!

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